As part of the Applied Jewish Spirituality course offerings, Yiscah will be teaching via zoom the following class in July & August:
"Spiritual Redemption:  The Sparks of Rav Kook"

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, was the first Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi of pre-state Israel, and a towering scholar, thinker, Kabbalist and poet.

Many today see him as a modern day prophet, a visionary whose spiritual and redemptive teachings speak to the individual, the people of Israel and all of humanity.

In this course, we will explore eight "sparks" - aspects of our search for spiritual authenticity and freedom. Each class will consist of studying about a "spark," and then experiencing our relationship with it through a guided meditative practice.

Step by step, we will uncover more and more of our true essence – the image of the Divine in Whom we have been created and Who continues to dwell within us.

The class will meet via zoom on Mondays, 13 JUL - 31 AUG:

9:00am - Pacific

12:00 noon - Eastern

5:00pm - UK

7:00pm - Israel


Please click on this link for further information and registration:


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