If there is any period of time that so beckons us, invites us and calls upon us to open our hearts to discover the essence of love, compassion and gratitude that can never be tainted or compromised by the many disturbing occurrences around us, it is surely now! 


Please join me as we explore together this loving spiritual practice of opening the heart through the lens of the classical text Tanya.  I will be teaching a new zoom class with Applied Jewish Spirituality (AJS) titled "Opening the Heart With the Tanya," beginning Mon, 16 NOV.

Together, we will experience how the spiritual practice of cultivating the opening of the heart paves the way to experience personal unity. The Ba'al HaTanya (as the author is sometimes referred to) offers a series of practical suggestions for attaining inner harmony, always with the emphasis on joy.


In each of our eight sessions, we will learn about, and then practice together, a specific approach to opening our heart and experiencing an elevated consciousness, which through continued practice we can then integrate into every aspect of our daily lives.


Please click this link for all details and registration information: