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Yiscah is a thought leader,  spiritual activist and agent of change who addresses the spiritual practice of encountering the Divine spark within --- the foundation of authentic living.  In fact,  Yiscah views Judaism as a spiritual practice.


She relies on Jewish spiritual teachings to inform and uplift her students and audiences, acting as a compass, gently guiding them to their unique inner selves.  As a spiritual trailblazer, Yiscah exemplifies what it means to carve one’s own path, as she has grappled with the entanglements at the intersection of her spirituality, Jewish tradition and passionate desire to live a life of authenticity.  Encouraging, ennobling and empowering others to carve their own paths and to cultivate the integrity to remain faithful to their unique paths is indeed her passion and inner calling. 

You can hear her podcasts teachings at:


Yiscah teaches Jewish contemplative practice and spiritual texts at the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies  - and at Applied Jewish Spirituality -  She has also founded and directs Conscious Community Nachlaot, an organization in Jerusalem that hosts Shabbat in-person spiritual gatherings, virtual guided meditation sits and spiritual text classes.  In addition Yiscah works with individuals in her private spiritual mentoring practice. Yiscah has earned a reputation as a sought-after inspiring international public speaker.


  • Exploring & learning Jewish spiritual teachings

  • Discovering the still small voice within

  • Encountering the Divine presence within

  • Embracing your authentic true self

  • Expressing your inner being… your soul

  • Sharing your piece of pure goodness

  • Connecting with the Divine spark in others

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