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Yiscah provides personal spiritual guidance for Jewish authentic living through her spiritual mentoring practice. Yiscah serves as a mentor, facilitator and guide, helping each client build a "spiritual tool chest" to use in the present and in the future.  


Yiscah tailors the exact structure of her mentoring to the client’s unique journey. Through sharing Jewish texts and encouragement she helps her clients access a piece of themselves that is eternally genuine, pure and good --- without which people may painfully sense a void in their lives.  The spark within, the Divine Presence, serves as the foundation for spiritual authentic living, firmly based in compassion, gratitude and love.


All spiritual mentoring relationships begin with a free 20-minute assessment to get to know each other better and make sure this relationship is a proper fit for both parties.


To book your free assessment, contact Yiscah at to confirm a date and time to meet, either in person or via video conference.



"In addition to developing a stronger sense of spirituality, working with Yiscah has given me a renewed framework to find magic and transformation in my life and work. Being able to better see the splendor of life's smaller moments on a regular basis has greatly improved the joy that I derive from my job and family life." - Mitchell M.

 "Prior to meeting Yiscah, I had a huge void in my soul.  She has brought clarity and deep spirituality to my thirsty soul.  Yiscah hears with her soul and hears what is not said as well.  She has the ability to decipher the questions that I don't even know how to ask.  She is a masterful teacher who brings Jewish spiritual texts alive. She has helped me in my personal, professional and spiritual life in a way that has tremendous meaning and depth.  My self-esteem has grown, my Jewish learning is on fire, and my heart overflows with gratitude.   Learning with her and receiving mentoring from her is the highlight of my week."

– Chana R.


"Prior to contacting Yiscah I was really trying to find the balance between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law.  I struggled to find meaning in my Judaism while at the same time remaining authentic to myself. I became lost in all the legal aspects of Jewish life and no longer sensed God in my Jewish practice.

Yiscah’s approach to mentoring me was to be sensitive to who I am, with compassion and without judgment.  She finds ways to tailor my sessions that have helped me find my authentic self.

I still have days when it seems difficult, but those are few and far in between.  I now use and rely on the tools that Yiscah has provided me to dig deep within myself where I encounter that still soft voice of HaShem."  - Avichai B.


"Yiscah Smith is an authentic guide. She brings me into the realm of radical amazement each time we speak. Through Yiscah’s extensive knowledge and sensibility the world comes alive. The world, in translation, has a veneer that she strips away to reveal the light. The Bible is a living text, full of the light of G-d and the beautiful light of all of our souls. I hadn’t grown up with religion, hadn’t understood the texts I was reading, nor did I feel a connection to the Jewish community. Yiscah’s mentoring changed this and brought me to a deeper understanding of myself, my own family, and my work. She is simply incredible.  I hope to continue working with Yiscah for a long time to come."

- Alexandra J. F.


"Working with Yiscah has been an invitation to reclaim my Jewishness. Yiscah’s heartfelt intuitive guidance has allowed me to explore aspects of my Self that i had long forgotten. The way in which she has reintroduced Biblical texts and Hassidic teachings to me has brought me closer to an authentic connectedness to my lineage, my tribe, my soul.  The unique way that she interweaves knowledge and wisdom, creativity and insightfulness is a true blessing. Our work together has enriched my life on many levels.

Praises to such an amazing woman!" – Helaine S.

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